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Tanahindie Residency, Makassar

South Sulawesi, Indonesia

British Council 

23 April - 20 May 20I7 

week I

week 2

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week 4


Day I2 :

A rainy afternoon in Maros, South Sulawesi. It is home to the
Rammang-Rammang karst area, 
thought to be the second largest karst (limestone) area in the world. Underneath the
rain and greenery is pure karst. 


In the Maros Regency of South Sulawesi there is a project underway called Payo Payo (scarecrow in Buginese).
It aims to create  sustainable livelihoods for farmers in Sulawesi through education and strengthening
of local resources. More info on Payo Payo can be found here. This new beautiful building is still in the
process of being built and will serve, among other things, as a school for local children.

Today we visited Bantimurung-Bulusaraung National Park.
It is characterized by underground drainage systems with sinkholes and caves.
Itís a magical place to be and visitors are welcome to swim in the pools of water
under the huge waterfall.



Bantimurung is also home to many species of rare butterflies....

Patch work of only a few of the species of butterflies that you can find during the dry season...


 Massive thank you to Jimpe, Piyo, Jo, Sara and Isobel  (just part of the Tanahindie crew)
 for taking me to see this amazing place!!!

 To end the day we caught a beautiful sunset over the paddy fields on our
way back to Makassar ...

   Day I4:

Samalona Island!! Twenty minute boat ride off the coast of Losari Beach.
A tiny island paradise - I only wish I had an under water camera to
photograph the coral and tropical fish, so amazing. We found Nemo


Local university students headed out to the island for marine biology research...

 Sea Captains of the Makassar Strait...





Thanks once again to my hosts for another amazing day, and Anshan and Windah too!
My ever-growing collection of Sulawesi video footage is going to give me so much to
work with back in Glasgow . And special thanks to Windah,  my new friend and my
snorkeling guide(and violinist and writer
!). It was my first ever snorkeling adventure and it was truly spectacular.


Day I6:
Makassar sunset


week 3
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