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Tanahindie Residency, Makassar

South Sulawesi, Indonesia

British Council 

23 April - 20 May 20I7 

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Day I7 :
Presentation/ Artist Talk : Post Graduate studies at Makassar State University, Arts and Design

Many thanks to Professor Abi Nurabdiansyah for inviting me to speak with the art students at Makassar State University.
Also a very big thank you to Rumi Al-Din Jalal for acting as my translator.



Day I8:  another DIY day!

Kite in Indonesian is layang-layang, and they are everywhere.


I decided I wanted to join in this tradition and find myself one.
Some of the guys at the studio told me they used to make them 
when they were young.  I asked if they could show me how it's done....





Thanks for sharing this with me Aden, Iqbal, Ochan and Lukman!

More kite action in Makassar...




Below are two research drawings by Iqbal illustrating the culture around the tradition of kite flying in Makassar.
As part of both the Ribbing Studio's Yarn Bomb projects and Tanahindie's  Halaman Rumah project, Iqbal is 'drawing as research'. 
Each project has several different facets of research which come together to give an in-depth look into the communities of Makassar.




week 4
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