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Tanahindie Residency, Makassar

South Sulawesi, Indonesia

British Council 

23 April - 20 May 20I7 

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Day 2 :

My new friends from Tanahindie studio took me to see a traditional Makassarese theatre show
It was amazing-  fun and silly -  the entire audience laughing throughout. I posted a very short video here.
In addition to the musicians, there were a few fishermen, a bird and a Dutchman. It was brilliant. 




Day 3:

A couple photos from Tanahindie. The back and front gardens are both works in progress.
First up - the front garden is a veranda in the making. The builders are in constructing the side walls and
then it will be covered to add more protection from the hot Makassar sun and the rare but heavy rain
showers. Tanahindie in-house architect Kurniawan Adrianto (Jack) is leading the project. This is the main
meeting point for Tanahindie artists.


 Back garden Tanahindie. The artists here are working on a long term research/action project engaging
different communities in Makassar. One element of the project  will see this back garden developed
over the next year through community out reach workshops including activities such as yarn bombing...


Day 6: DIY Day!
Today I shared  some of my work with Tanahindie.  We made two small model replicas of 'Materials and
duration' to  help explain a bit about my working process and studio experimentation. Once the sun went
down the video projector got switched on. Thank you Iqbal, Wandie, Aden and Piyo for making it happen! Some
of the photos below are from Iqbal and Aden shared some pics on facebook and Wandi on instagram too... cheers
!!! :D 





Back yard foliage at Tanahindie


Day I0:

Losari Beach, Makassar.


Fort Rotterdam, Makassar... with Aden from Tanahindie, an Indonesian sound artist/musician from Flores- Makassar
( )



week 2
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