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Tanahindie Residency, Makassar

South Sulawesi, Indonesia

British Council 

23 April - 20 May 20I7 

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week 4

Today Piyo, Iqbal and Ochan (The Ribbing Studio) took me around to several of the neighbourhoods where they have done Yarn Bomb workshops and exhibitions. They are some of the poorest areas in Makassar, and the yarn bombing workshops aim to empower women to create stronger and safer communities. They also help enable women to make and sell their creations at craft fairs and various other festivals and events. Very powerful and important work, and it was an honour to meet some of the amazing people from these areas.




Two proud purchases I'll be bringing home to Scotland, made by the Ribbing Studio women. 'Ko Pigi Keliling' is an expression
meaning 'go take a look around' encouraging people to get to know their neighbours, be friendly and supportive.


The government in Makassar is encouraging residents to recycle by offering cash in return for people who bring their plastic bottles to designated venues.
Each person gets a booklet to log  the details of their recyclables, noting the date, weight and cash allocated for each drop off.



In addition to being the main supplier of kites in this neighbourhood, Ibu Nur is a master crocheter,
and helps to teach other women how to create beautiful things with yarn. She also has the most wild and cute kitten!



Below are sea cucumbers drying in the sun. These have become very popular
as an export and therefor create an important income for this port community.
The fisherman can only go out  to sea during the dry season, which leads to
a constant struggle to be financially stable.

Many of these boats are Phinisi boats, made in a place called Tanah Beru, about a 5 hour drive east along the coast.
I'll be visiting next week to have a look.



Tanhindie event: An evening of performance, discussion and sharing of ideas and research around issues of water in South Sulawesi.

Indonesia is surrounded by water - oceans, rivers and lakes. The 2017 Makassar Biennale will focus on this natural resource. This event welcomed discussions from, among others, a local lawyer  who represents farmers and other citizens who are struggling with the government for access to clean water. Other issues arising through reclamation of land around the coast of South Sulawesi cause ongoing problems for citizens. The focus of the biennale hopes to raise awareness of these issues and bring the discussion to the forefront of people's minds. I am very proud to be part of the Makassar Biennale later this year, in collaboration with The Ribbing Studio.


Ku-Partai Batu 2: Repertoar Air, Karts dan Sungai :

Tanah Beru of Bulukuma South Sulawesi :
The craftsmanship on these boats is incredible. 
"The making process of Phinisi Boat is some what unique, because it mixes technical skill with magical power. The first stage starts with deciding the good day to collect the wood. It is usually the 5th and the 7th day of the coming month."


Thank you to the British Council and everyone at Tanahindie Studios for this amazing residency. 
I very much look forward to being part of the Makassar and Jakarta biennales later this year,
and to future collaborations with the artists at Tanahindie and The Ribbing Studio

And a huge and very special thanks to Piyo, Isobel, Jimpe and Iqbal
for everything you've done to make this residency unforgettable.

Sampai kita bertemu lagi, aku akan merindukan kalian semua! Terima kasih!



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