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                                                                                    image copyright Iona Shepherd

 Allelotropic Eye

   Created to view 3-D stereoscopic images

   Designed and built by Jack Wrigley

   Exhibited at the Collins gallery, glasgow, 2011

   12 sets of images by Heather
   Accompanied by a limited edition hard cover book of

   15 stereoscopic (3-D) images as shown below
Available for purchase with 3-D viewing glasses.

The stereoscopic images below are ideally viewed with 3-D viewing glasses but the effect can
be achieved if you stare at the images from approx.10-15 cm away, blur your eyes, and let the
2 images turn into 3.  Then focus on just the center image.  This should pull elements of the
composition forward to creative the 3-D effect.


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